Batinick Sworn in as Representative of the 97th House District Replacing Former House Republican Leader Rep. Tom Cross

SPRINGFIELD – Small business owner Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield), was sworn in today as the new State Representative to replace retiring Former House Republican Leader Rep. Tom Cross in the 97th House District. Batinick’s commitment to serving the people of the 97th honestly and honorably is his first priority, which is why he has refused to accept his legislative pension.

“There are many issues facing the state.  But none of these can be solved without a permanent solution to the pension crisis.  Instead of adding to the problem, I’m contributing to a solution.”  

Expanding our economy is also crucial to solving our fiscal issues.  

“As a small business owner that deals with other small businesses, I have personally witnessed the many hardships businesses and taxpayers have had to endure in Illinois.  Too much of it has been inflicted by the state itself.” said Batinick. “Although an Illinois turnaround proves to be challenging, I believe we can provide bipartisan solutions by setting aside politics to accomplish what some consider the impossible.”  

Batinick took his oath to serve the people of Illinois as a member of 99thGeneral Assembly at the inaugural ceremony held at the University of Illinois at Springfield.  

“Year after year, Illinois continues to pass questionable budgets containing countless unfunded mandates.  By taking action on these issues we can truly make a difference and restore critical funding for some of the states’ most crucial services that have been severely impacted,” said Batinick. “The old ways of over-taxing and reckless spending in Illinois’ don’t work and will continue to lessen opportunities for economic growth.”  

The 97th House District is comprised of two counties, Will and Kendall that include parts of Oswego, Montgomery, Naperville, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Joliet, and Shorewood.  

“I have been bestowed an incredible honor to serve the people of Illinois and that is what I intend to do,” said Batinick. “There are going to be numerous obstacles faced as we work to provide solutions to difficult issues but I am ready to take the crucial votes to entrust the faith and opportunity back to the people.”  

Residents who would like to express their opinions or concerns on policy are encouraged to write to Rep. Batinick and his Legislative Assistant, Deb Kraulidis at