SJ-R: Rep. Mark Batinick: Illinois Can Find Savings in Workers’ Comp Reforms

Unless you are a business owner or have been injured on the job, you may not be familiar with the workers’ compensation system in Illinois or how it affects your pocketbook.

Every business pays insurance premiums for workers’ compensation in the event an employee gets hurt on the job. This insurance is an essential protection for both employer and worker.

The problem in Illinois is that workers’ compensation premiums are much higher than in other states because we have a broken and inefficient system.

This is a major job-killer, because when employers have to pay higher premiums, that’s money they can’t use to increase wages or hire new workers.

Businesses aren’t the only ones paying higher premiums to insure employees. State and local governments do, too, with taxpayers footing the bill. Hundreds of millions of dollars can be saved from the direct and indirect costs government incurs from workers’ compensation insurance.

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