Stepping Up For Tornado Relief

By Rep. Mark Batinick – State Representative, 97th District

On April 9, northern Illinois experienced severe weather that has communities across the state coming together in an effort to help their neighbors overcome the drastic effects of the storm. Low air pressure over Iowa dragged warm, moist air north from the Gulf of Mexico, allowing chaotic temperatures to stretch all the way up to the border separating Illinois and Wisconsin. This instability led to the formation of the first violent tornado of the year touching down in Illinois, packing winds up to 200 miles per hour as it tore through homes and villages. The storm killed two Illinoisans, injured several people, and destroyed or damaged any homes and livelihoods in its path.

As Illinoisans, our next objective is to help those most affected by the vicious tornado. We in Plainfield and its nearby communities have done this during times of destructive weather in the past, and naturally we will continue to help those affected by this latest storm. 

My office received word of a family in Boone County with five children whose home was completely destroyed by the tornado on April 9. They were in their home huddled in their basement as the tornado tore off their roof and scattered and destroyed their belongings. This family lost everything, and it reminds me of a time truly not so long ago when a tornado touched down in Plainfield, and the people of Plainfield had to come to their neighbors’ aid just as I’m sure the people of Boone County must do today.

As we know from experience, there are families just like the one mentioned above in need of food, clothing and basic supplies at this time. This is why I am donating funds to not only the affected family in Boone County, but to all families affected across Illinois, and I’d encourage anyone with the ability to help, to please do so.

Please join me in donating to the affected family in Boone County at, and also to the Red Cross at  

As our neighbors in northern Illinois struggle to get back to normalcy, my hope is that our community will come together, as it has in the past, to help those affected by natural disaster.