Rep. Batinick Files Resolution to Create Task Force Aimed at Higher Education Affordability

Springfield, IL – In an effort to combat the high financial responsibility beset upon those who wish to gain a higher education in Illinois, State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) filed House Joint Resolution 66, which aims to address higher education affordability, student retention, and also conduct a study of Illinois’ efforts to capture available federal grants. If the Resolution is agreed upon the Higher Education Affordability Task Force will consist of 16 appointees and will report to the General Assembly by January 1, 2016, with its findings and suggestions.  

Representative Batinick stated, “Despite strong state funding for higher education, a simple comparison of Illinois’ universities with their conference peers indicates that they are 30 to 60 percent more expensive. The great expenditures the state invests per student do not lead to strong student retention or lower tuition. Universities across the country are seeing an increase in enrollment while Illinois’ universities are seeing a decrease. I believe a portion of the financial struggles seen in Illinois are derived from how unaffordable it is for students to enter their aspired profession in this state, and my goals with this Task Force aim to find ways that education can become more affordable and also help Illinois retain its homegrown professionals.”  

Representative Batinick hopes to see the Resolution to create the Task Force assigned to a committee quickly, so that he may state his intentions to colleagues within the General Assembly and begin the study as soon as possible.