Rep. Batinick: House Democrats do an “End Run” Around the Budget Process

SPRINGFIELD – Today Illinois House Democrats forced a series of partisan votes on a multi-billion dollar spending bill aimed at undermining the budget process. Bypassing the established bipartisan appropriations committees, Democrats brought sixteen amendments directly to the House floor less than a few hours before the vote, denying Republicans, groups impacted by the funding and the general public any opportunity to read or offer input on the amendments before the votes were rammed through on a partisan vote. Republicans, including State Rep. Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield), voted Present.    

“Speaker Madigan forced us to vote on $2.6 Billion worth of spending with about an hour’s notice. This is not the way a functioning state operates. The reason the state’s finances are so bad is because this is the way things have been run for more than a decade now. We would be able to create more jobs, invest more efficiently in our social safety net, and see fewer families and businesses leaving Illinois to find a better opportunity elsewhere if the General Assembly approached its responsibilities in a spirit of cooperation and respect. Sadly, that wasn’t the case today. Illinois families deserve better.”