Rep. Batinick: Overdrawn Budget Falls Short on College Affordability; Ignores Reforms Needed to Spur Job Growth

SPRINGFIELD – As the end of the legislative session nears, House Democrats have completed their withdrawal from bipartisan working group discussions, and intend to pass an unbalanced budget that looks to spend $4 billion more than the State is taking in. Illinois is estimated to bring in $32 billion next year, with a proposed budget from the majority party that would spend over $36 billion.  

State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) stated, “The people of Illinois were promised transparency in this budget, with bipartisan working group involvement. Instead, we have an overdrawn budget crafted by one party, yet again, which only portrays the disrespect the majority party has for hardworking taxpayers in Illinois. This budget is not balanced and does nothing to reduce the high cost of college tuitions at our public universities, and completely ignores the called for reforms necessary to grow jobs in this state.”  

The proposed spending is 12% higher than projected revenue and would push Illinois’ backlog of bills to over $10 billion, equaling 30% of its total revenue.  

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