Rep. Mark Batinick Co-Sponsors House Resolution to Withhold Legislators’ Pay if Budget Impasse Continues

PLAINFIELD – Believing it would be inappropriate for state legislators to accept pay in the event that state employees are not paid during a potential extended budget deadlock this summer, State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) has become the Chief Co-Sponsor of House Resolution 591, which deems that legislators should not receive their salaries in a timely manner if state employees are not paid their salaries on time.

Rep. Batinick stated, “If the state legislature cannot come together in the bipartisan manner that constituents expect and deserve to pass a responsible budget, legislators have no right to collect payments if our gridlock becomes the reason that state workers don’t get their own pay. This Resolution makes it clear who actually wants the legislature to come together; and who is simply in Springfield to play party politics without regard for its effect on hard-working Illinoisans. As a freshman legislator I came to Springfield to bring new ideas and initiatives, and if an initiative as significant as a smart budget cannot be done, there’s no reason anyone in my position should consider their pay earned. We have bipartisan work to do.”