Rep. Batinick Calls for Public Discussion with Local House and Senate Democrats

PLAINFIELD – With thousands of families having lost access to state services as the Illinois General Assembly remains mired in stalemate without a full budget for the new fiscal year that began July 1, State Rep. Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) has invited five of his local Democratic colleagues to meet in a public forum to discuss state budget and spending issues.  

Rep. Batinick stated, “All too often, citizens only hear one side of an issue.  Taxpayers should hear from both sides at the same event.  They need to hear a full debate.  It’s time for us to get past ‘talking points’. It’s time for both sides to promote their solutions.  I’m ready to promote mine.  I’m willing to debate these issues with my colleagues who serve in the majority.”    

The discussion is scheduled for Monday, July 20th from 7:00 – 9:00pm at the Plainfield American Legion, located at 24741 W Renwick Road. Plans are for the event to be self-moderated by the legislators themselves. 

Only the press, staff, and residents of the represented districts will be allowed to attend.    The invitation was made formally this morning via email to Senator Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (D-Plainfield), Senator Pat McGuire (D-Crest Hill), Representative Emily McAsey (D-Lockport), Representative Natalie Manley (D-Joliet), and Representative Stephanie Kifowit (D-Aurora). All remain close with long-time House Speaker Madigan and have collectively refused to meet Governor Rauner and legislative Republicans at the negotiating table to craft a more responsible budget.   At this time, Representative Batinick is awaiting a response from all of his invited colleagues.  

Discussion Format:

  • Self-moderated discussion by all panelists
  • Attendees will include: Press, any citizens living within each legislator’s district, and one Staffer per Legislator (Photo ID required)
  • 2 hours long, with 3-minute introductions per member
  • Panelists (the legislators) ask each other questions, and there will be questions written from audience members with the recipient of the question listed
  • 1/3 of the time will be allowed to Rep. Batinick (1 of 3 questions asked, 1 of 3 questions answered, must be from or for Rep. Batinick)