No Budget No Pay

Throughout my first year as a State Representative, I have stated that it would be inappropriate for state legislators to collect pay while state employees do not during any extended budget deadlock. Illinoisans have called for bipartisan efforts in the budget-making process, and until an agreement can be made, legislative pay has not been earned in Springfield.  I have brought forth resolutions and legislation in support of this belief.

With a similar effort, I’m happy that my colleague State Representative David McSweeney filed House Bill 4253 in an effort to halt legislative salaries.  I am a Chief Co-Sponsor.   This bill would apply the pressure needed to get the bipartisan budget passed that the State very much desires.  No budget, no pay for legislators.  If 118 Representatives and 59 Senators were not getting paid, they would be pushing leadership more forcefully to come up with a compromise.  To think we are in August and still undergoing a political charade that holds our must vulnerable at risk is shameful, and I do hope that the appropriate people decide to come to the negotiating table.

I’m a very big fan of good ideas, even ideas that aren’t my own, or ideas that originated with me but were drawn as somebody else’s.  As long as we enact items in Springfield that do right for Illinois, I am pleased to support them, any way they come.  House Bill 4253 is a necessary and good idea. My colleague State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer recently spoke out on the House Floor in favor of House Bill 4253. He did so due to the fact that he could not report to his valued constituents that a balanced budget has been passed.

House Bill 4253 is beneficial to Illinois. It could apply the pressure needed to get those in power to finally come to the drawing board and pound out a solution.