Rep. Batinick Discusses Government with Kennedy Middle School 7th Graders and Presents Exam Awards with Teachers

Plainfield – State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) was honored to attend a full assembly at Kennedy Middle School to discuss his first year in state government, and also answer questions from the cheerful group of 7th graders. He also helped applaud the students that scored high marks on their Constitutional exams. Principal AJ Hundal opened the assembly with some wonderful remarks, highlighting his immigration to America at the age of 12, and the pride he felt in passing his own Constitutional test, which allowed him to be sworn in as a Citizen of the United States. He introduced Rep. Batinick as a member in the process of democracy, and an individual excited to explain all that democracy does for Americans.  

Rep. Batinick stated, “I truly enjoyed meeting with so many kids and some of their parents and teachers for what was a fantastic awards assembly. They even brought out the band and chorus, which played and sang wonderfully. I wanted to reiterate much of what Principal Hundal had to say about appreciating all that we had in America, and I wanted the kids to understand that the number one job in government is with the people. Democracy isn’t a spectator sport, and it’s the job of all citizens, and the people that represent them, to remain in communication so that the will of the people is understood. It was important to me that the kids understand that soon they will be voters, and it’s important they express their concerns and be active participants in their government and community. I thank them for listening to me and showing such great school camaraderie.”

Rep. Batinick elaborated on questions from the middle schoolers that included his work in Springfield, his favorite and most difficult tasks, and his motive in becoming a State Representative. He then helped applaud students for their accomplishments on their Constitutional exams and helped hand out their medals.

Social Studies teacher Donna Hebreard said, “I thank Rep. Batinick for coming in and speaking on the government and social aspects that we teach about every day, and the issues surrounding them, and being an active participant in them. This was a great assembly for our students and their parents to enjoy.”

Please Click Here for Video of the Question & Answer portion of the Assembly.