Rep. Mark Batinick Passes Bill through House to Honor Illinois’ Fallen Soldiers

Springfield – State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) unanimously passed legislation through the Illinois House that designates Illinois roadways with the namesakes of fallen soldiers. The bill received unanimous approval from the House and awaits further consideration in the Senate. The idea first originated with Denise Meehan, the mother of PFC Andrew Meari, who lost his life while serving in Afghanistan. Denise said,

“The Heroes Way Designation Act ensures the families of Illinois’ fallen that the name of their loved one will be remembered, and spoken, by people of generations still to come. Being remembered, having their name said, hoping some child will one day wonder and be inspired to learn who that bridge, that road, that interchange is named for, is an incredible gift The Heroes Way Act bestows on the families of the fallen. A person lived right here in their community, in their hometown, that so loved this country they laid down their life in its defense. Their sacrifice is forever and their memory should be honored forever. The Heroes Way Act accomplishes this, for me and for all those families that bear the honorable burden of the Gold Star.”

Rep. Batinick stated, “I bring this legislation in honor of Illinois’ Veterans, their families, and all those that have sacrificed for this country, including PFC Andrew Meari for whom this idea first originated. My hope is that all those who have served, including their families, realize the level of appreciation the State of Illinois, and our nation, holds for them.” Rep. Batinick hopes to see his Heroes Way Designation Act passed unanimously by the entire General Assembly.