Rep. Batinick Discusses Legislative Process with Oswego East Students

OSWEGO – State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) again held an important Question & Answer session with local students. This time he was at Oswego East High School, where he elaborated on the legislative process while speaking on the importance of voter participation, and giving back to the community.

Rep. Batinick stated, “It’s important to me that I get the perspective of young students’ about local government, especially with the struggle we see the State in to fund the institutions that teach them. Just last week I had to tell the entire House if we didn’t pass Senate Bill 2059 to get a portion of the money we owe to our state institutions, we’d be risking having our universities remain unfunded during a period when many young intelligent minds will be choosing their schools. Luckily that legislation became law, but it’s all tied together. I want to ensure that our young people know that their future is being fought for in Springfield, and with these meetings, I try to make that clear. I’d like to thank all the teachers and administrators at Oswego East for giving me this opportunity.”

Rebecca Walters, a Social Studies teacher at Oswego East, said, “Mr. Batinick’s visit today helped our students understand the importance of local government. As the laws for Civics education in Illinois are changing, opportunities like this are vital in educating future voters on the importance of the role they play in their communities.”