Rep. Batinick Passes Resolution to Bring Local Businesses further into State Projects through Reverse Auctions

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) unanimously passed House Joint Resolution 123, which creates a Task Force to investigate the benefits of implementing reverse auctions into Illinois procurement law. Reverse auctions would be used through online bids made by prospective vendors for Illinois’ state projects, and projects would be given to the local business with the best bid and plan.

Rep. Batinick stated, “By executing this idea, the State could offer new opportunities to small businesses during the purchase of large commodities. Reverse auctions have been beneficial to the federal government, and their usage has gradually increased the federal government’s contracts to small businesses, which is a phenomenal feat in these modern times of bulk production. But I think our state government would be most benefitted by this form of business, as we embark upon tackling its debt and doing business efficiently so that the people can be better served. Reverse auctions should be initiated statewide because transparency is inherent in the process, small businesses are given their best shot, and major savings are made by the State through the best-offered price.”  

The Task Force to implement reverse auctions shall be overseen by the Executive Ethics Commission.