Rep. Mark Batinick Again Sends 30% of District Office Budget Back to the State

Plainfield – With the State of Illinois still in dire need of a properly balanced budget, and reforms becoming more and more necessary, Rep. Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) has taken on his own advice to the State’s budget process, and will once again send back 30% of his district office’s allotment.  

Rep. Batinick stated, “As I’ve stated before, I cannot go to Springfield and preach about the State turning to reforms, and living within its means, without doing the same myself. Knowing this I have again sent back almost 22,000 tax-funded dollars intended for my office’s use, back to the State. My hope is that these dollars go to agencies and individuals that have seen the State continuously break its promises to them regardless of the year. In-District we have successfully brought jobs fairs, kids’ fairs, senior fairs, and self-defense courses, but at this time the State of Illinois requires aid to its fiscal issues and I intend to help it in as many ways as I can, legislatively and through monetary savings.”  

In addition to his district office savings, Rep. Batinick has sponsored initiatives to study Illinois’ higher education and make it more affordable. Through January and February, he was a part of a Government Consolidation Task Force that published suggestions to help local governments rein in costs, relieving taxpayers and lessening Illinois’ excessive bureaucracy. He is also in favor of legislators’ pay being held until the State’s budget is finally fully produced.