IDOT Evaluating I-55 Improvements at Airport Road/Lockport Street and at IL 126/Essington Road

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is studying improved access to I-55 at Airport Road/Lockport Street and at IL 126/Essington Road. The project stakeholders are a large and varied group that includes teams from Plainfield, Romeoville, and Bolingbrook in conjunction with IDOT and the Federal Highway Administration. A consultant team from V3 Companies is performing engineering studies and coordinating stakeholder outreach.  

A stakeholder is anyone that is affected by the project and its outcome, so this effort involves outreach to residents, owners of nearby properties, users of I-55, Weber Road, IL 126, Airport Road, Lockport Street, local businesses, elected officials, local agencies and the general public. The project’s website is located at  

The roadway alternatives that have been developed during the I-55 Interchange study are being evaluated through a three-step process. 30 alternatives were produced for study. Rounds 1 and 2 of the screening process are completed.  

Round 1 considered environmental and/or engineering obstacles.

The Lake Renwick East Land and Water Reserve contacts with the west side of the I-55 right of way south of the Plainfield Township offices and has protections under the Illinois Natural Areas Preservations Act. Therefore 13 alternatives were eliminated that impacted the Land and Water Reserve.  

Round 2 considered environmental and land use effects of alternatives. Under this criterion, alternatives were screened to avoid or minimize impacts to wetlands and Waters of the US, avoid bisecting wetland areas, minimize impacts to publicly owned parks and recreational areas and minimize residential and business displacements. This round eliminated 12 alternatives, leaving five interchange alternatives for consideration after two rounds of screening.  

Round 3: Five interchange alternatives remain.

Two alternatives are located at Airport Road/Lockport Street and three alternatives are located at IL 126/Essington Road. Rep. Batinick at IDOT’s presentation of the 5 remaining alternatives.  

Interchange Concepts at IL126 to Provide New Southbound and Northbound Off-Ramps

Alternative 16 – Full Access Interchange   Alternative 28 – Diamond Interchange   Alternative 29 – Fly Over Interchange  

Interchange Concepts at Airport Road/Lockport Street to Provide Full Access Interchange

Alternative 5 – Single Point Urban Interchange   Alternative 30 – Dog Bone Interchange     Rep. Batinick stated, “After accepting input from public meetings, online constituent comments, and completing the assessments through Round 3 Screening, public hearings shall be scheduled for these projects again in early 2017.

I encourage the general public to visit to view the project’s progress in its entirety and to submit comments and suggestions by email at Comments are welcome at any time but to be included in the public record of this latest meeting, they must be received by October 27, 2016.”