Batinick introduces legislation to save taxpayer dollars on state vehicle maintenance

PLAINFIELD – State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) today introduced legislation that would save taxpayer money by changing state policy governing the maintenance schedules of state-owned vehicles.
“Newer automobiles are designed to go five or even ten thousand miles between oil changes,” Batinick said. “But current policy requires that state-owned vehicles undergo an oil change as frequently as every 3000 miles, whether it is necessary or not. This procedure is stuck in the past and needs to be updated in order to cut down on wasteful spending.”

Batinick’s bill would require the Department of Central Management Services, which oversees the state’s fleet of vehicles, to consider the individual vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for oil change intervals and adjust policies where applicable.
“In our efforts to find a solution to our large budget deficit in Illinois we should not overlook small, common-sense ways to save taxpayer dollars,” Batinick said. “Updating our out-of-date vehicle maintenance policies is a good place to start.”
The legislation is House Bill 4213.