Batinick’s 2019 Legislative Agenda

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) has filed 12 pieces of legislation that will be considered this year in the 101st Illinois General Assembly.

As part of his 2019 legislative agenda, the Representative has focused on reform efforts for the pension system and property taxes, while also including bills to increase taxpayer savings and promote public safety protections.

“The same challenges facing Illinois exist today as they did the first day I took office,” said Batinick. “My legislative initiatives this year focus on making strides to solve these problems, and I look forward to advancing these bills that provide real efforts to do so.”

Batinick’s 2019 legislation includes the following bills:

  • HB343: Amends the State Budget Law to remove the funding for salaries of General Assembly members, judges, and legislative operations.
  • HB355: With regard to a Professional Educator License renewal, beginning with the next 5-year renewal cycle, no less than 15 of the 120 required hours of professional development must include training on inclusive practices in the classroom.
  • HB886: Requires, in the court’s discretion, that a person register under the Sex Offender Registration Act if convicted of a battery that the court finds was sexually motivated.
  • HB930: Allows for the complete consumption of an evidentiary sample in forensic testing without court order.
  • HB2375: Amends the Short-Term, Limited-Duration Health Insurance Coverage Act to remove provisions concerning a required expiration date.
  • HB3170: Amends the Criminal Code of 2012 to increase the penalty for unlawful use of weapons by selling, manufacturing, purchasing, possessing, or carrying a machine gun.
  • HB3281: Provides that a taxing district shall reduce its aggregate extension base for the purpose of lowering its limiting rate for future years by voter referendum.
  • HB3375: Provides that a live child born as a result of an abortion shall be fully recognized as a human person and accorded immediate protection under the law.
  • HB3376: Creates The Property Tax Relief and Pension Stabilization Fund Act.
  • HB3519: Removes a provision requiring the establishment of a police or firefighter pension fund for any city, village, or incorporated town of 5,000 or more inhabitants.
  • HB3715: Amends the Environmental Protection Act to require the Agency to define “microplastics,” examine the role of microplastics in public drinking water, and disclose the results.

Representative Batinick has also co-sponsored several bills as the legislative session proceeds in the House of Representatives. A full list of Rep. Batinick’s legislation can be viewed here.