Unanimous Republican Opposition to Pritzker’s Unfair Tax

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) participated in a press conference this morning in the Capitol, introducing House Resolution 153.  The resolution is a unanimous stance by the Republican Caucus to oppose Governor JB Pritzker’s graduated income tax proposal.

Illinois already has some of the highest tax burdens not only in the Midwest, but nationwide.  The House Resolution filed today specifically notes the gross inadequacies of the graduated income tax system, finding that while it may appear to provide equity, it actually punishes hardworking, middle-class families and small businesses that make up the majority of the tax base.  House Republicans believe that there is nothing fair in making average Illinoisans pay for the shortcomings of a legislature that has created a tax-and-spend paradigm that is unsustainable.

Representative Batinick has been wary of the Governor’s plan to overtax as a way to compensate for the billions of dollars in spending he promised in his budget address.  

“The Governor is a really nice man with some really bad ideas on how to fix the state,” said Batinick.  “Adding new taxes onto the already heavy tax burden our residents carry is not a new idea—or one that will solve any of our state’s problems.  We cannot tax away our problems; we need real solutions.”

Rep. Batinick will continue to work alongside his colleagues in the House to advocate for a balanced budget, efficient and effective government services, and to prevent any new and unnecessary taxes like the graduated income tax.