Batinick Passes Legislation to Support Scott’s Law

SPRINGFIELD—State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) served as the chief sponsor of an initiative that will help enforce and improve Scott’s Law, which requires drivers to slow down and move over one lane, if possible, when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle, or any vehicle with flashing lights.  The bill, SB2038, passed today in the House of Representatives.

SB2038 requires the Illinois Secretary of State to include a written question in the driver’s license examination on driver responsibilities when approaching a stationary emergency vehicle.  In addition, the bill creates the Move Over Task Force which will study violations of Scott’s Law and report findings back to the General Assembly by January 1, 2020.

This legislation is an effort to better inform motorists of Scott’s Law, and in doing so, promote better road safety.  In 2019, three State Troopers have been killed in the line of duty with two of them being related to violations of this law. “Accidents on Illinois roadways have taken the lives of too many state troopers, and as lawmakers we need to do more to prevent any further harm,” said Rep. Batinick.  “Encouraging drivers to follow Scott’s Law starts with education. We are starting at the very beginning with including this question in the driver’s test in the hopes that it will instill the responsibility to slow down and move over early on in the driving experience.”

The bill received unanimous approval in the House with 114 members voting in favor of it.