Batinick Gives Adjournment Statement

SPRINGFIELD—State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) released the following statement upon adjournment in the House of Representatives:

“Tonight we concluded legislative session in the House of Representatives.  We passed a flurry of bills, and I am proud of the pro-reform initiatives that we accomplished to help spur economic growth.  Republicans fought hard for these reforms, which are essential building blocks for the future of our state.  Some of these reforms included the creation of the Blue Collar Jobs Act to help attract large-scale construction projects, a Data Center Tax incentive to entice data centers to come to Illinois, and the Manufacturers Purchase Credit to encourage investments in manufacturing.

Throughout my time in the House of Representatives, I have worked hard to find feasible solutions to fix our broken pension system.  Tonight I voted in favor of the budget implementation plan (BIMP), which included the Batinick Buyout that extends and expands the opportunity to give employees at retirement more flexibility with their pensions.  I look forward to expanding on this initiative to create more economic stability for our state and a better future for Illinois residents.

While I proudly backed pro-growth business opportunities and viable solutions to our pension problem, I refused to support excessive spending.  We need to curb spending.  If we don’t learn that lesson, we will be forced into more tax increases.   While some Republicans thought the budget spent too much and others thought it was balanced, one thing is clear:  the Republican caucus stands united in rejecting the notion that the State of Illinois needs an income tax increase.”