Batinick Supports Stronger Ethics Laws Through Task Force

PLAINFIELD—State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) is co-sponsoring legislation to bolster the state’s ethics laws.  The legislation will create a State Ethics Task Force to tighten ethics rules within Illinois government. 

With this legislation’s adoption, the task force will submit recommendations for legislative changes to the Governor and the General Assembly within 90 days.

“There are ongoing investigations uncovering layers of corruption in all levels of government in our state,” said Batinick.  “We simply need to do better.  This legislation will help hold lawmakers accountable, create better protections for our taxpayers and produce a better governing process.”

The announcement of the legislation comes with the recognition of Global Ethics Day, which is celebrated annually and provides an opportunity for organizations around the world to explore the crucial role of ethics in their professions and their daily lives.  

According to Representative Batinick, the new task force is about better government accountability.  “Illinoisans deserve ethical and honest government and right now we need to earn back their trust,” he said.

The legislation will be introduced during Veto Session in the General Assembly, which begins on October 28th.