Batinick Backs Red Light Camera Ban

SPRINGFIELD—State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) is the chief co-sponsor of an initiative to outlaw red light cameras in the State of Illinois.

The legislation, HB3909 would prohibit municipalities from enacting or enforcing an ordinance that involves the use of red-light cameras.  The legislation was filed earlier this month in light of the ongoing federal investigations into local municipalities using red light cameras.

“Red light cameras are not about safety at all,” said Batinick.  “This has been a money grabbing scheme from the beginning and these cameras are simply defrauding our taxpayers.”

Out of the four cities in the county that utilize red light cameras, the City of Chicago has the most.  In the last 10 years, red light cameras have generated $1 billion in revenue with Chicago alone taking in $56 million just in the last year.

“There seems to be little benefit to having these devices, except for those individuals who have profited from them,” Batinick continued.  “Studies have proven that they do not increase safety, and evidence has shown in the last few weeks that they are an integral source of public corruption.  Our state would be better off without them.”

The Representative has long supported the removal of red light cameras and has backed prior legislation in the General Assembly on the matter.  HB3909 has gained bipartisan support while it waits in the Rules Committee for further consideration.