Batinick Urges Seniors to Stay Home, Utilize ‘Helping Hands’

PLAINFIELD—State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) is urging senior citizens, who are most at risk to the coronavirus, to stay home and allow his district program to run errands for them.  Last Friday, Rep. Batinick launched ‘Helping Hands,’ a program that would run any errands senior citizens may need to help them stay isolated and remain healthy. 

Today, Rep. Batinick is renewing his call for the senior citizens in his 97th District to take the self-isolation instructions seriously as the spread of the coronavirus worsens and the number of elderly persons affected only continues to increase.

“Right now it is essential for seniors to stay in their homes,” said Batinick.  “The coronavirus is continuing to spread and we need everyone to be taking this threat seriously—especially our seniors because they are at an incredible risk. We are all in this together and we need to hold each other accountable.  I want neighbors to check on neighbors.  I want seniors to be able to ask for help, which is what my office is here for.”

While Rep. Batinick has navigated this public health crisis at the state level, he is ready to work with local leaders to ensure the proper organizational structure is in place at the local level for prevention but also to respond as this situation grows in the coming weeks.

“If we don’t take self-isolation seriously our collective situation will continue to get worse,” continued Batinick.  “I was disappointed to see so many older folks out and about today in our community.  The protocols set up by our health professionals exist for a reason.  I am begging all my constituents in the 97th District to follow them and self-isolate to not only protect yourself but those at increased risk.”

Rep. Batinick will be calling local seniors starting tomorrow, to see how his office can be of help.  If you are a senior who needs a Helping Hand, or a heathy volunteer wanting to contribute, you can contact his office at (815) 254-0000.