Batinick Launches ‘Let’s Face It’ Program

PLAINFIELD—State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) is launching a new program in his 97th Legislative District to motivate local stores and restaurants to require employees to wear protective face coverings.

Batinick’s program, ‘Let’s Face It’, will donate 50 facemasks to the first 20 stores or restaurants that agree to add this requirement.

The Representative has worked to promote greater safety for all residents in his District as the coronavirus pandemic continues.  His ‘Helping Hands’ program, which delivers necessities to the elderly and those at greater risk of the virus, is now on its 6th week.  The Representative is launching ‘Let’s Face It’ as an extension of that. 

“This new initiative is an additional safety measure to protect residents here in our community, including employees,” said Batinick.  “This pandemic is affecting us all, and the more safety measures we can incorporate into our daily lives to ensure that we stay healthy – especially our essential employees who are out in public places—is extremely necessary.”

Last week, Rep. Batinick donated 2000 surgical masks to various nursing homes and senior assisted living communities to help mitigate the PPE shortage, and his recent initiative will expand that offer.

“I want to go beyond our health care workers to reach our local stores and restaurants and motivate them to take this extra precaution,” continued Batinick.

Restaurants and businesses wishing to join Rep. Batinick’s program can contact his district office at (815) 254-0000 and can download a Let’s Face It poster HERE.  A list of which businesses are participating in this program will also be posted on the website.