Batinick Urges Governor to Consider Human Toll of the Pandemic

PLAINFIELD—Today, State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) and 39 other members of the House Republican Caucus sent a letter to Governor Pritzker urging him to consider the devastating effects that ongoing social isolation is having on the mental and long-term health of individuals and families. 

“This is a public health crisis, but we need to look at it from all sides,” said Rep. Batinick.  “There are consequences to being isolated for long periods of time and the numbers prove it.  We have increased numbers of suicide, substance abuse, domestic violence, and much more.  The effects of this are truly detrimental to all Illinoisans and this must be addressed immediately.”

Rep. Batinick has been on the forefront of helping his community work through this pandemic, from supporting constituents in need with a grocery delivery program to backing the small business community by filing the Fair Business Treatment Act. For Batinick, there is the larger picture that needs to be considered as the state works to move forward and reopen in the coming weeks. 

“The growth of the overall human toll linked to COVID-19 and its response can no longer be ignored,” the letter reads.  “We must ensure our path forward finally takes a holistic approach to save not only the lives of those infected by the virus, but also the lives of those affected by the government’s response.”

Batinick has been ready to return to legislative session for weeks, to work with the Governor on emergency decisions and a proper plan to best reopen the state. On Wednesday, legislators will finally convene for a special session.

The entire letter from the House Republicans is here.