Batinick Votes ‘No’ on Corrupt, Wasteful School Funding Measure

SPRINGFIELD—Tonight, lawmakers in the Bank of Springfield Center debated a new education funding bill, Senate Amendment 3 to House Bill 2170, that increases unfunded mandates on local school districts, heightens education requirements and removes a requirement that universities use dollar-for-dollar matching for scholarship programs.

After voicing his frustration of the bill during its debate, State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) released the following statement following his ‘no’ vote on the measure:

“This isn’t fixing education, it’s only going to hurt the students where it matters most: their education. We cannot keep pushing money toward corruption and waste; we’ve seen it at our universities like the Chicago State scandal where the administration controlled and abused their funding. This bill will only add fuel to that fire by cutting scholarships to give more money to the already bloated administration costs.

Through this bill, we are taking money away from kids. We can do the hard work to stop the incompetency and the expensive government we have in our state, or we can trade activity for accomplishment by passing bills like this. This is simply a bad bill that takes away from the good work we do here.”