Rep. Batinick Responds to House Floor Debate on House Rules for 102nd General Assembly

Springfield – House Republican Floor Leader Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) released the following statement following floor debate on HR72, the House Rules for the 102nd General Assembly, today:

“HR72 does not include the changes needed to ensure that legislation from the House has been thoroughly reviewed, debated, and considered. House Republican priorities were not included in these rules, denying action to move forward as a State into honest, transparent governance.

“House Republican priorities include daily notice of what legislation will be called for consideration on a given Legislative Day. We have had too many instances where significant bills were brought forward for debate at the eleventh hour, most recently during the lame duck session.

“As we debated these rules changes, I realized how wonderful the last 48 hours have been. We all knew that we were coming to the House floor to debate the rules and everybody seemed to like that.

“As lawmakers, we need an adequate amount of time to read bills in their final form and determine our position on each issue. Allowing lawmakers on our side of the aisle mere minutes to understand everything included on several-hundred-page bills is not the process that will produce the policy that Illinoisans deserve.

“Giving daily notice of what legislation is being considered would allow the public to be more informed of what is being considered in the House, allowing them a more active role in the legislative process. The U.S. Congress requires daily notice of legislation to be considered and our chamber’s methods should be no different.

“For decades, the majority party has treated us like mushrooms: keep us in the dark and feed us ‘manure.’ The problem is, when the majority party treats us that way, they are treating the entire general public that way. The people of the State of Illinois deserve better and deserve more transparency.”