Rep. Batinick Joins Reimagine Illinois to Build a Better Illinois

PLAINFIELD – On Wednesday, State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) joined the House Republican Caucus in launching Reimagine Illinois. Reimagine Illinois outlines the priorities of the Illinois House Republican Caucus for the 102nd General Assembly. It asks Illinoisans to reimagine their State government if certain public policy goals are met.

“Illinois has ignored calls for reform for far too long,” Rep. Batinick said. “It’s time to turn our state around, adopt a new mindset, and identify new avenues for growth. As House Republican Floor Leader, I am energized by these new ideas to end Illinois’ culture of corruption, lead with fiscal responsibility, grow jobs and opportunities for families, and ensure public safety. In addressing Illinois’ core issues through Reimagine Illinois, we create the conditions for growth in our state.”

Reimagine Illinois is a comprehensive platform consisting of four components, each of which includes a list of introduced bills. These components are:

  • Ending the culture of corruption
  • Responsible fiscal leadership
  • Growing jobs and opportunities for our families
  • Ensuring public safety

Additional information on Reimagine Illinois can be found on its website: This website includes downloadable PDFs, member video summaries, podcast episodes, and a petition to sign to get involved.