State Rep. Mark Batinick Letter to the Editor – New Year’s Legislative Resolutions

As we enter the new year, many of us are making resolutions. We may be resolving to exercise more often, take up a journaling practice, or choose more vegetables over sweets. This year begins my final year in the Illinois House representing the 97th District and I have resolutions for our communities and our state.

I began my first term in the General Assembly in 2015 and made honorably and honestly serving my constituents my first priority. I have worked for the past seven years to pass legislation that will improve our state’s finances, public safety, and economic climate. I will work this year to continue that promise with the same enthusiasm I entered the House to make our state a better place.

In the 102nd General Assembly, I have introduced nineteen bills and four constitutional amendments. My legislation tackle the issues we sincerely need to address, including our state’s pension crisis and ensuring government officials are held accountable. As the first state lawmaker to call for then Speaker Madigan’s resignation, I filed multiple bills and constitutional amendments to improve legislator accountability and transparency. I also filed multiple bills to decrease our property taxes and make Illinois a more affordable place to live.

As we kick off the new year, I am eager to work with my colleagues to pass this substantive, impactful legislation that will lay the groundwork of long-term goals for Illinois. It is an honor to serve the 97th District and I see a future for Illinois like our namesake prairies—far-reaching and filled with promise.