The Batinick Blueprint: Introduction

Illinois is a special place to so many people in the state and across the nation. We are a great state with a rich history and terrific communities. Yet we are in poor shape with our state finances, inhibiting us from thriving financially. This is why I outlined a blueprint to get our state fiscally back on track. It’s called “The Batinick Blueprint.”

This eight-part blueprint provides an outline of the changes and reforms we can make to improve in various fields of policy.

Here are the eight parts of The Batinick Blueprint:

  1. Property Tax Reform
  2. Education Reform
  3. Increasing State Business with Women and Minority-Owned Businesses
  4. Modernization of Government
  5. Business Climate Balance
  6. Citizen Recall
  7. Pension Reform
  8. Variable Income Tax

The Batinick Blueprint is a way we can address our fiscal problems as a state, take the steps to fix these problems, and move forward towards a future of growth. We need to clarify where needed, reduce and remove burdensome regulations, and make the necessary adjustments to move our state in the right direction. I am looking forward to future discussions about these ideas, substantive policies that result from these, and implementing these changes for Illinois. Let’s work together by following the blueprint.