Batinick Files Legislation for Random Order of Candidate Names on Election Ballots

PLAINFIELD – On Tuesday, State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) filed legislation that would require the randomization of the order of candidate names on Illinois ballots in primary, general, and consolidated elections. House Bill 4467 would require candidate names to be randomly ordered within each election district or precinct.

“Candidates should not win close elections simply because they won a lottery to be first on the ballot,” said Rep. Batinick. “This occurs often, especially in races where voters vote for more than one candidate, including county, village, and school board elections. I’m proud to file House Bill 4467 to address this issue and increase fairness in elections.”

This legislation also requires the State Board of Elections to choose a vendor for a computer software program to be used by election authorities and the Board would conduct the randomization for elections. It also requires—to the extent that is mathematically possible—each random order is different between all the precincts or election districts that are electing the name or names contained in each race on the ballot.

Rep. Batinick has released additional election integrity legislation in the 102nd General Assembly. This includes House Bill 1920, which would amend the Election Code to require a county clerk or board of election commissioners to cross-check voter registration rolls with the National Change of Address System. He also introduced House Bill 4137 to establish an automatic voter registration program for individuals filing a change-of-address form, renewal application, or application for a FOID card or CCL.