Batinick Files Legislation to Increase State Contracts with Minority and Women-Owned Businesses, Businesses Owned by People with Disabilities

PLAINFIELD – On Tuesday, State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) filed legislation that would grant a contract bidding boost to minority and women-owned businesses and businesses owned by individuals with disabilities. House Bill 4816 will allow Illinois universities and community colleges to adopt a 5% “plus factor” to bids from these organizations.

“House Bill 4816 presents a real solution to make it easier for these Illinois businesses to qualify for contracts with the state,” said Rep. Batinick. “By taking the ‘carrot’ versus the ‘stick’ approach, we can help the state increase its work with these important institutions that build our communities. I am eager to see this bill move through the General Assembly and look forward to a robust conversation about this legislation.”

Legislation signed into law by Governor Pritzker within the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus’ “Economic Access, Equity and Opportunity Pillar” amended the Business Enterprise for Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities Act. It increased the goal from 20% to 30% in the total amount of State contracts awarded to businesses owned by minorities, women, and people with disabilities.

The 5% plus factor would work by requiring the bid price submitted by eligible bidders to be multiplied by .95 for the purposes of bid selection. This legislation would also allow these educational institutions to adopt reciprocity for procurement certifications operated by the City of Chicago regarding minority or women-owned businesses, or businesses owned by individuals with disabilities.

“While we increased the goal for State contracts to businesses owned by minorities, women, and people with disabilities and increased the minimum amount of State contracts awarded to these businesses, the solution has not been working,” Rep. Batinick continued. “This legislation offers an alternative way that can help us achieve that goal.”

Rep. Batinick also discussed state procurement issues in a March 2021 op-ed, providing additional ideas to increase minority-owned businesses’ participation with the state. This op-ed can be found on Rep. Batinick’s website online here.

Rep. Batinick is a member of the House Immigration & Human Rights Committee.