Batinick Rebukes Majority Party Refusal to Pay Unemployment Debt in Full, Leaving Taxpayers on the Hook

SPRINGFIELD – In response to the Illinois House’s passage of Senate Bill 2803 on Wednesday night, State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) released the following statement:

“House Republicans have had a plan for a year: plug the $4.5 billion hole in our Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund and solve the problem. The plan passed tonight was rushed and only fixes a little over half the problem and spends the rest on Democrat pork projects.

“The reality of the situation is there is still a $1.8 billion shortfall in the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund that will need to be plugged. How will it be plugged? Either through tax increases on jobs or benefit cuts on people who receive unemployment insurance.

“The fiscally responsible route we could have taken would have been to pass legislation paying off our debt in full to avoid these two consequences. This would have also avoided unnecessary interest penalties and prepared us financially in case there’s another emergency. The legislation passed out of our chamber tonight instead will help fulfill Governor Pritzker’s spending wish list and leave taxpayers on the hook for the remaining balance in the fund.”