The Batinick Blueprint: Modernization of Government

Modernization of government is a glaring weakness for Illinois. Unfortunately, our government is stuck in the 1950s. It must change.

The saddest of recent examples is the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES). IDES had a rough year back in 2020. Adding to that is how it also took eight months to hire additional employees after the pandemic started. You heard that right: eight months. Consider the irony of this situation: IDES desperately needed workers. They processed the claims of people who need jobs, but it took them eight months to get extra staff!

I do not know what bureaucratic nightmare caused that situation in particular. If a governor can use executive power to shut down private industry, one would think an executive order could be filed to allow that governor to hire or simply move a current employee to IDES, but apparently not.

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